Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) received title based on its ability to heal broken bones. However, Cofrey has far greater use and who has not got Comfrey tincture in home always handy, making a big mistake.

Comfrey on wounds:  all types of injuries can be treated with Comfrey tincture. Tincture stops purulence of wound, disinfects it and we can see faster and better healing, without ugly scar. The same goes for post-operative incisions. We will use the tincture with 40% alcohol content, we treat the wound 3-4x daily.

Comfrey on teeth: if the tooth and gum around it hurts us, there is nothing better than a tincture of Comfrey. Even a strong inflammation disappears, the pain stops and so we can save a tooth. Spray several times a day with Comfrey tincture around painful tooth. We use plastic syringe with a needle. We have no cure on tooth decay, we have to go to the dentist.

Comfrey is on everything: you have got serious injuries or fractures ? Or foot sprain ? Are you strongly struck, have you got a decubitus, contusions or bruises? Do you suffer from Rheumatism? Feel free to use Comfrey ointment, Comfrey tincture, nothing is better. In all cases, we treat the affected areas 2-3x daily.

Comfrey for hemorrhoids: you have a gold vein, and you suffer from pain in the rectum? Tincture or Comfrey Ointment containing still other herbs will help you. Ointment or tincture is applied to hemorrhoids 2-3x daily.

Comfrey for internal use: although it is not appropriate to use Comfrey internally more than 1 month without a break, we can do great help for us and get rid of various problems of the locomotory system. Use 1 teaspoon of Comfrey tincture 2x a day, or tea prepared from Comfrey 1x daily.

What we collect from Comfrey and what time: we collect the whole Comfrey, especially roots. Harvesting takes place during the whole growing quiet, ie from late autumn until early spring. Roots are brittle, always something of them remains in the soil and so do not be afraid of the opinion that Comfrey will be forever eliminated. From the fragments of a roots grow new subjects. Clean the dirt from roots and cut into small pieces and let dry. We cut them fresh, they are hardened after drying and we can´t no longer cut them.

Comfrey tincture preparation:  pieces of root pour in a glass bottle with a diluted alcohol and save them in a dark place. Stir occasionally. After some time we can see that active substances release into solution. Tincture is ready. The color of tincture must be a brownish.

Comfrey ointment preparation: we know several ways to prepare Comfrey ointment, depending of using ointment base. We can prepare the ointment from beeswax, olive oil and Comfrey extract. Can be used white wax candles instead of beeswax and any vegetable oil instead of olive oil (such as sunflower). Into the container we add a certain amount of beeswax. Melt wax carefully over the fire and carefully pour wax into 2 to 2.5 volume of hot oil and mix everything. After that, we add a small proportion of warm Comfrey extract and mix all well again. Pour liquid into cups and let it solidify.

In preparing ointment or tincture from Comfrey we must have some experience and skills. Without them we will not successful.

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